1. The FIS-MED will receive serial productions made for the web and mobile devices. The series will be indexed through the FILMFREEWAY platform and will have no cost.
2. The deadline for regestering Web series that are interested in participating, will be on May 31st 2018.
3. National and international web series of any theme and genre can participate if: a) series have at least three chapters b) series have been produced maximum three years before the festival.
4. Web series that contain content of discrimination, violence or explicit sexuality won’t be received.
5. The person or production team interested in participating can submit a maximum of THREE (3) WEB SERIES. If more than THREE (3) are presented, the organization of the FIS-MED will randomly select THREE of them for evaluation.
6. The selection criteria are based on the technical quality of the web series and the creativity of its filmmakers.
7. The official languages ​​of the festival are Spanish and English. Web series whose original language is not one of these must be subtitled.
8. The representative on whom the moral and patrimonial rights of the web series rest must be over 18 years of age
9. Web series that have been nominated or won in the previous version of the FIS-MED may not participate.
10. No member of the FIS-MED team belonging to EAFIT University or the Medellín Audiovisual Center may compete in the festival with a webserie.


The FIS-MED will have three phases:

1. OFFICIAL SELECTION: After reviewing all the products received during the call, a maximum of 10 web series will be selected for each category. The chosen web series will be sent to the juries for the respective evaluation. The OFFICIAL SELECTION will be announced on July 15, 2018 through our broadcasting channels.
2. NOMINATED: After the review of the juries, they will define by consensus the web series nominated by each category. Nominations may not be more than five (5). Through our broadcasting channels, the NOMINATED will be announced on August 17, 2018.
3. WINNERS: The jury by consensus will determine each of the winning web series according to the corresponding categories. The winning web series will be announced during the award ceremony of the FIS-MED.


By submitting your products to the FIS-MED, you confirm that you have the right to each and every one of the audios and videos present in the web series. FIS-MED is not responsible for claims that may arise due to the sender’s failure to properly obtain the rights of the submitted material. The participant of the FIS-MED when registering grants an unpaid exhibition license of the web series in different media that include public communications in theaters, cinemas, classrooms, web pages and public television, within the framework of the event. Those who participate agree to keep the FIS-MED, its employees, directors and representatives, exempt from claims and actions of any kind in relation to a loss or damage that occurs during the course of the event. By participating in the FIS-MED, you and your team grant the right to use the name, logo and content of your web series for the presentation of prizes, reels, television programs and festival promotional material up to one year after the end of the second version. FIS-MED reserves the right to modify the guidelines, selection criteria, awards and activities if necessary.


The FIS-MED will award each of the winning series in the defined categories with a statuette alluding to the festival. Any other prize in cash or in kind will be announced before the date of the awards gala and this will be subject to the support that can be obtained from sponsors. The decision of the jury is not questionable and in any case is unappealable.

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